Visually Significant

Things I come across in my daily travels that have some kind of visual significance to me.

Not many people know I listen to Hip-Hop. I mostly listen because of my brother and sister they are the ones that turned me on to it, I usually listen to whatever they give me. But my friend Tiphanie actually let me borrow Evidence’s Cats & Dogs, a really awesome CD.

So I had heard Evidence was coming into town and wanted to go but never got around to buying a ticket I was kind of bummed. The night of the show my Sister calls me and asks if I want her ticket. I wasn’t going to go but I said what the hell, I’m used to hanging at home and rarely go out. So I ended up dragging myself out to the show since it was close by. II was super tired when I got home, but all in all a awesome show!

The first 2 are LMNO and the second 2 are Evidence.

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